Before class begins, there is a warm-up, allowing for the student’s warming of the muscles. This is usually done individually on the student's own time. Warm-up exercises can be done at the barre or on the floor. The warm-up usually involves stretching of the hamstrings and any other stretches that promotes outward rotation. The length of time is up to the individual, but is usually in between 10-15 minutes.
Look below for common stretching poses done at the barre and on the floor. You may also follow the videos provided for common stretching routines. Many of these are also repeated in the 'Cool Down' section.


Stretching and Flexibility
Stretching and flexibility are part of the warm-up routine for dancers. Look below for some common flexibility-promoting positions and routines. Some of these are also repeated in the 'Cool Down' and 'Abs & Flexibility' sections.


Dancer: Brittany Allen
A special thank you to Brittany Allen, Brianne 'Tory' Freeth, Instructor Holly Copeland, Bonnie Copeland &
Encore Dance Centre in San Dimas, CA. www.encoredancecentre.com

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