Vitamins and minerals for a dancer are necessary in order to stay healthy, particularly if the dancer knows she is not getting enough vitamins and minerals throughout the day (Clarkson, 2005). For dancers that do not get enough nutrients, it is advised that a daily multi-vitamin should be taken. Just a few of the important vitamins and minerals include Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 through Vitamin B12, Iron, Folic Acid, Magnesium and Potassium (Minden, 2005; Rada, n.d.). Dancers should incorporate these vitamins and minerals into their diet by eating fruits and vegetables, particularly dark, leafy green vegetables before trying to supplement them (Clarkson, 2005; Gower-Winter, 2008; Minden, 2005; Rada, n.d.).

When consuming foods, iron in a dancer is an important mineral because it carries oxygen to the blood (Definition of Iron, 1998; Snell, 2007). But, dancers often fail to consume enough iron because iron is mostly found in meats. Many dancers do not want to consume meats, especially red meats because of their high calorie content and choose for leaner sources such as poultry or fish (Clarkson, 2005; Minden, 2005; Snell, 2007). One of the best options for a dancer who does not consume red meat to obtain iron is through fortified cereals. Furthering the promotion of iron absorption is eating or drinking foods or drinks that are high in Vitamin C (Definition of Vitamin C, 2004; Mayo Clinic Staff, 2008, Jan.; Minden, 2005; Snell, 2007).


Recommendations for vitamin and mineral consumption are different for each person. In order to receive an accurate measure of what you may need, consult your physician or nutritionist.

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