Floor positions and poses are the second portion of any ballet class. Floor routines can involve many of the same positions practiced at the barre. However, exercises practiced on the floor focus on more advanced work including turns and jumps as well as exercises that move you from one end of the floor to the other.

Floor routines are broken up into smaller sections of time. Floor work begins immediately after barre work. The first section that begins is center work, which involves exercises such as turning and lasts about 15 minutes. Adagio, or the slower movements or exercises, then follows. This portion of class lasts 10 minutes and involves exercises such as the glissade or sous sus. After adagio, the allégro or faster portion of class begins, which lasts about 20 minutes. These involve faster floor combinations as well as jumps or sautés. The final portion of floor work as well as class involves exercises that go across the floor. It includes across the floor routines that involve walking, jumping, turning and various other moves. These moves are combined into a floor routine that stretches from one corner of the room to the next. This portion of class lasts the last 15 minutes and also involves the ending bow, or reverence.

See below for common routines practiced on the floor.

Plié Combination
The plié combination shown includes the following steps:
In first position, 2 demi pliés, 2 grand pliés, tendu to second position, 2 demi pliés in second, 2 grand pliés in second, tendu to first position, 1 cambré (bend to front and back), releve, close in first position. As you progress, incorporate the arms.

Tendu/Battement Tendu and Dégagé
The tendu and dégagé combination shown includes the following steps:
Right side: Tendu 4 front, 4 back, 4 side. Plie in Fifth, Left Posse Relevé, close back. Repeat with Dégagés:4 front, 4 back, 4 side Tendu Left to second postion, then fourth pirouette and close front to start the Left side.

Rond de Jambe and Fondu/Battement Fondu

The rond de jambe and fondu combination shown includes the following steps:
2 Rond de Jambes with plié 4 straight Reverse Fondu développé front, side, back, side En l'air to the side 2 counts with a double and close back to reverse. Port de Corps Circular.

Sauté Combination

Credit for this combination goes to Professor Allgaier
The sauté combination shown includes the following steps:
4 sautés in first position, 4 sautés in second position, 4 Echappé sautés (jump from fifth position to second position), 4 sautés in fifth position, 4 sautés in fifth position changements, sous sus, plié, close in fifth position.

Grand Allégro Combination

This combination is shown from both the front and backview
The grand allégro combination shown includes the following steps:
Arabesque Sauté Chassé to the Right Repeat to the Left. Tombé pas de bourée Grande Jeté Balancé to the Right, Left, Glissade Pas de Chat.

Reverence Combination

The reverence is a bow or curtsy at the end of class or a performance.
Usually, the reverence is a simple bow or curtsy, showing appreciation to the teacher or audience.
But, sometimes in a performance, there can also be a reverence routine.

This combination is credited to the video tutorial: Ballet 101 & 201, Combinations
The reverence combination shown includes the following steps:
In fifth position, grand plié, port de corps forward and back, port de bras, pique arabesque, step, pique arabesque and step through, step to fourth position, bow, return to fifth position and repeat with grand plié, port de corps forward and back, port de bras, pique arabesque, step, pique arabesque, step to fourth position and bow.

Dancer: Brianne 'Tory' Freeth
A special thank you to Brittany Allen, Brianne 'Tory' Freeth, Instructor Holly Copeland, Bonnie Copeland &
Encore Dance Centre in San Dimas, CA. www.encoredancecentre.com

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