Ballet attire standards across the United States almost always remains the same. Some schools may vary according to color of the uniform, but overall, the basic rule of ballet is to always put your hair up in a bun so that the hair is away from the face and the lines of the neck are seen.

Dancer: Brittany Allen • Dance Studio: Encore Dance Centre

This helps the teacher make sure the dancer is placing their neck and head in the proper position. If the hair is too short to be put in a bun, it must be placed up in a short ponytail or away from the face.

Dancer: Brittany Allen • Encore Dance Centre

The uniform for ballet class includes wearing a leotard, pink or black tights and ballet slippers, either black or pink for girls. There is also the option of wearing a black or pink ballet skirt that usually falls towards the mid-upper thigh. Some schools or dance studios allow the ballet skirt to be an option, while others may make it a requirement. Wearing a black leotard with pink tights and pink or black ballet slippers will be the standard for most dance studios. For boys or men, wearing black male dance pants, a white shirt that is not too loose and black ballet slippers are the standard.

The difference with some schools may rely on how strict their policy is with clothing or their rules according to level or age. For example, some schools may only allow a black leotard with pink tights, while others may be more loose with their requirements and allow students to wear various color leotards and tights.

One other item to consider is that the school may have rules of color according to age or level of skill. For example, one school may require all students in pre-ballet to wear a pink colored leotard. Or, a school may organize leotard colors according to skill level such as all beginning level ballet students have to wear pink leotards, intermediate levels wear blue or green and advanced may wear any color other then blue, green or pink. Having rules like this may help the teacher recognize the skill levels of the students by looking at what color leotard they are wearing.

The most important to know when selecting a leotard color is to ask the school or dance studio what their rules are. This will help ensure you and the dance studio that you are following their guidelines.


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