The basic arm positions in ballet consist of first-fifth position as well as the basic positions and combinations such as port de bras, port de corps, arms in low fifth and arms in high fifth. This section shows you the positions of only the arms. Many of these positions are also shown in the 'Basic Positions' section, showing the full body. Click below to see the basic positions or just follow along.

Low Fifth

Dancer: Brittany Allen


Middle Fifth/First Position

Dancer: Brianne 'Tory' Freeth


High Fifth


Second Position


Dancers: Brittany Allen and Brianne 'Tory' Freeth
A special thank you to Brittany Allen, Brianne 'Tory' Freeth, Instructor Holly Copeland, Bonnie Copeland &
Encore Dance Centre in San Dimas, CA. www.encoredancecentre.com